Fused bamboo panel

Our fused bamboo is a very hard and dense material that is ideal for flooring, furniture, paneling, and other household items, for inside or outside. Fused bamboo maintains all the attractiveness and ecological qualities of bamboo combined with the physical characteristics and appearance of tropical hardwoods.

We are proposing three tinge of fused bamboo :

Our panels can be arrange in several ways : floating, glued or standard installation. By the way, they can be custom cut.

We are producing standard from planks of our deck boards, cladding, floors, joists and flooring of the following dimensions :
Product Dimension Products/TC 20
Deck boards 2400x100x20 3256
Deck boards 2400x120x20 2072
Deck boards 2400x150x22 1488
Cladding 2400x150x20 2072
Cladding 2400x100x20 3256
Floors 100x100x40 20000
Floors 100x70x40 56000
Joists 2400x50x40 2880
Flooring 1200x120x12 6400
Flooring 1200x120x14 5120
Flooring 1200x120x19 4480
Dense panel 2400x105x105 416

The maximum board dimensions are: length 2400 mm, width 105 mm, and thickness 165 mm.
Our decking is oiled factory, with several available profiles (smooth side, serrated face combed).

We are also manufacturing custom furniture, as well as beautiful gardens pack


New products

Processed crude rod: bamboo sticks which look green or white depending on treatment.

.:.Species Dendrocalamus giganteus or giant bamboo :
Diameter = 80 to 200 mm
Thickness = 06 to 20 mm
Length = 4500 mm up..

.:.Species Valiha diffusa or volo gasy
Diameter = 30 to 60 mm
Thickness = 02 to 05 mm
Length = 4000 mm up

Treatment: cleaning (bleaching) = hydrogen peroxide, to fight against insect attack: hydrokoat.6 acid or borax, dried to less than 10% moisture. It may carbonized and / or varnish (different qualities of varnish).

Technical Characteristics

Flooring conforms with EU standards as verified by the FCBA (France)
Hardness: Brinell 5.8 / Janka 2300 lbf
Formaldehyde emissions: 5 times lower than the European E1 standard
Density: 1120 kg/m3
Coefficient of change (width): 0.0015
Fire resistance: Bfl-S1